Whilst editing the most awesome of couple’s recent Kent wedding (yes that means you Si and Cas!), I came across this photograph and I wanted to share it to explain my approach as a documentary wedding photographer.

Sometimes there will be moments and opportunities during a wedding crying out to be captured, but not necessarily presenting themselves straight away.  Here patience is key and must be applied to one’s mindset.

Outside the lovely church of St Mary’s in Chiddingstone, guests were gathering and bustling to give hugs and wishes to Si and Cas, and this young guest was in amongst it taking it all in.

I was keen to capture her in this moment, so crouched down to her eye line and simply waited for the mass of bodies obscuring her to part.  After a while they obliged for a split second.  That’s when I went *click*.

Learning not to race round like a mad man, rather to be patient and wait is key to capturing natural wedding photography.  It’s incredibly rewarding.

Chiddingstone Wedding Photographer