Lofoten Islands

I’d consider myself fortunate that I’ve been able to travel a fair bit in my time, whether through my wedding photography work or pleasure. But when I discovered about a little known chain of islands in Northern Norway by the name of the Lofoten Islands, I knew I had to visit and photograph this extraordinary place.

The Lofoten Islands located in the Arctic Circle scatter themselves outwards in a gentle arc away from the Norwegian coastline, connected by a series of incredible bridges and tunnels. Along this route you are treated to a visual feast of soaring mountains and secret hidden coves. To say it’s a dream location for a wedding would be an understatement.

To be able to say your wedding vows and promises to each other, surrounded by the shear natural and unspoilt beauty the Lototen Islands have to offer is pretty unique I think. You’d have to travel to New Zealand to find anything close to matching this beautiful part of Norway.

A wedding in the Lofoten Islands could either be held on one of the desolate and spectacular beaches, on a mountain top if you’re willing to brave the elements, or in one of the picture postcard towns such as Reine or Moskenes. From my view as a wedding photographer, you could make a road trip out of it photographing at a selection of these places.

The seasons in Lofoten mean you can opt for witnessing the midnight sun during the summertime, or wait until winter to try your luck at seeing the aurora borealis or northern lights as they are more commonly known. The choices are endless!

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I’m Steve and I’m a storyteller with a camera. The only way us humans can freeze time is with a photograph. Moments in our life come and go, some are remembered and some are forgotten. I’m here to make sure the bigger moments, the once in a lifetime moments on your wedding day, are photographed for you to keep and remember forever.

The first look, the first everything, I’m there to capture. These along with all the smaller but equally important moments string together to tell the story of your wedding day. Natural wedding photography for me is all of this and more. I get to meet such lovely people, and to share and photograph a wedding day is the most perfect and rewarding job I could ever have asked for.

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