Holding hands, a hug, a pat on the back.   Every day gestures in life, and at weddings even more so.  It’s a powerful thing touch, it’s a gesture of affection and love between people and is something I love to photograph should I be in the right place when it happens.

It’s something that you just can’t stage in my opinion (although when I do see it attempted, it’s a big fail!), and as a documentary Kent wedding photographer I thrive on getting moments like this.

More often than not it’s an incredibly subtle and brief exchange.  We are a reserved nation on the whole, but at a wedding you may get a family member for example, who is normally a bit shy on the hug front, open up for a split second to dish them out!

For the image below, I could have chosen any number of couples holding hands pictures, but I went for this one from last years wedding of Ian and Becky at the wonderful Gosfield Hall in Essex.  I selected it as for me it’s a tender moment between Becky and her mum before the ceremony, and conveys an incredible amount from a single frame.

Photographing a wedding in a documentary style means capturing a huge amount of love and emotion as it happens and on the fly, and for me touch is a incredibly important part of that.

Any comments or opinions are always great to hear below!

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