The Speech | A Photo Favourite

Wedding speeches.  Never one the same and there is never a single one that fails to make me smile, laugh, or even on some occasions get a bit misty eyed.

There are wedding venues that have acres of space to move around in and get great angles, and there are some that are bit more cosy.  Variety is a great thing however and it makes my job as a documentary wedding photographer a fun one indeed!

Eridge Park near Tunbridge Wells in Kent, is a stunning wedding venue (and also the home to a music festival each year) and was where Jamie and Sam held their marquee reception last year.   Check out their Eridge Park Wedding if you get a mo,  it was an epic day. 🙂

This image of Jamie reading his speech is one of my favourite speech photographs to date.  I love the sense of scale it gives along with the colours and candle light, and also the foreground festoon lights hanging in the top of frame.  I was in two minds whether to keep those in shot or to remove in the edit, but glad I kept them in the end as gives the image an added layer.




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