At every wedding I photograph I encounter at least one guest who shy’s away from the camera.  This is fine and I’m probably one of those people myself  funnily enough so I totally understand that it’s just something that some don’t like.

However!  I do make it my mission at a wedding to capture said guests totally unawares in a natural way!  Now with this lovely flower girl at the recent Kent wedding of Dave and Marrianne, she clocked me as soon as she walked in and ran away whenever she saw me lift my camera.  This was early on so I played being patient knowing that my time would come (i have two young children myself so know all very well how their minds work), and later on it paid off.

She decided to play hide and seek with me and hid behind a wall, I simply waited, pre-framed and focused, and inevitably she popped her head around to see where I was, ‘click’ went the shutter, and she ducked back again.

I was very pleased with the shot below.  Patience is a virtue with kids.  Photographer – 1, flowergirl – 0.

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