I’m always looking out for situations where natural light, particularly in dark rooms, picks out a subject who happens to be in the perfect position for me to take a shot.

As a documentary wedding photographer I would never intervene to position someone in the right spot and a flash hardly ever comes out of the bag, so natural light plays a very important role and becomes my best friend on a shoot 🙂

This recent Kent wedding found me in a room of a very old cottage with all the bridemaids and a few of the bride’s girlfriends, photographing them having a glass of fizz before leaving for the church.  The pageboy, who was a very cool little chap but heavily outnumbered, took up a defensive position behind a nearby chair and watched in fascination the girls chatting away.

I was on the other side of the room but spotted a gap through which I could grab this single frame, and was really pleased with it as the light fell perfectly on his face and captures a great expression of him listening in.

Kent Wedding Photographer