Ah the formal group shots, a funny one really as it’s something that no-one really wants to do but we all end up doing them anyway!

As a Kent documentary wedding photographer I always feel it’s important to mention to clients that yes, whilst 95% of my coverage on their wedding day is completely natural and un-staged, I always allow time to get the family and friends group shots that are important to have in my opinion.  I’m getting married myself soon and we know that we will want some of these group shots ourselves, as it’s a rare thing to get everyone under one roof these days and a record of this is always nice to have.

Having said all this, having too may formal shots done can eat into the afternoon somewhat, so as a guideline I say to try and aim for around an average of 5 group shots couples would like to have done, and this seems to be a good balance I’ve found.

Once I’ve taken my shots and am happy I like to step aside so that guests can take their pictures (as there is invariably 100 other lenses peeping over my shoulder!), and this then also gives me a chance to get some informal group photographs from a different angle such as the one below.

This is how I like to approach photographing a wedding day,  and of course please feel free to share your opinions on this below should you wish as it would be great to hear thoughts on this!

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