Ok so this is probably one of my favourite pictures this year to date.  It was included in the recent blog I wrote about Luke and Hannah’s wedding at Penshurst Place in Kent, but wanted to single it out as I felt it had earned its place!

Why is it a favourite?  Well for a variety of reasons really.  Firstly I had a very narrow gap into which I could peek through between Hannah and the door frame, as she looked into the mirror for the first time after putting on the dress.   I also had to be careful to avoid my reflection as lets face it, no one would want to see me in their wedding pics as dashing as I may seem!  The soft light coming through the bathroom window from the overcast skies also made this shot what it is.  Apart from a simple black and white conversion this picture has had no other processing.

I think the thing I like best about it is that it just happened out of natural course, I didn’t ask Hannah to stand there and look into the mirror, I just saw it about to happen and fired off a couple of frames before she moved away again.  A one off moment never to be repeated and as such makes it even more special, and is exactly why I love the documentary wedding photography approach as much as I do.

Photographed using a Canon 5D mk2 and a Sigma 85mm 1.4 lens.

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