As a Kent Wedding Photographer I’m always spending my spare time when I can to look through past wedding images, and always find that there are certain ones that stand out that I keep going back to look at.  They may not be sometimes technically perfect images, but if a scene has been captured from the day that shows the emotion and atmosphere of that very moment then that means more to me than anything else, and it’s generally these shots that jump out when viewing back hundreds of images.

This particular shot is from the wedding of Stuart and Heather in Devon.  Stuart is actually an old school friend of mine and have known each other since we were 5, so thats going back some let me tell you!  He approached me earlier in the year about covering their wedding in the coming Autumn, and was adamant that I enjoyed the evening as a guest once the wedding breakfast was served so sounded good to me, as I was keen to give them a personal wedding present in the form of my photography rather than some table linen!  They were very much up for the documentary wedding photography that I love to do, and this shot walking from the church to the venue I love with the featured fruit and veg, Heather wearing Stu’s jacket and Stu holding the flowers!  None of which was staged, just a single frame of the journey to the venue.

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