Things that I like to photograph on a wedding day:

  1. Natural, pure and genuine moments between people.
  2. Emotion and touch.  The latter being one of the most simplest interactions, but when photographed becomes something much much more.
  3. A quiet time to connect.

Number 3 is how I refer to the small window of time that I set aside on a wedding day to take the couple away from everyone.

This is an important time.

It’s a chance for them to connect, catch up on the awesomeness that’s just happened, and to just be.

All of the above creates unique and natural moments between the two of them that I like to photograph, and as with the rest of my wedding photography, is done unobtrusively and ‘as it happens’.

Alex and Nicola demonstrating this perfectly for me at Penshurst Place recently…   🙂