So here is a subject I’m quite passionate about and where wedding photography is concerned, something I use for probably 95 percent of my coverage.  The flash stays firmly in the bag and is only ever used for very dark situations such as during the first dance.  Firstly it’s a big no no during the cermony, hugely distracting, imagine trying to say your vows with a great big light flashing in your face!  Secondly be it in the church or elsewhere, any lovely natural light pouring in through windows, or a candle lit room, all that ambience is washed away when a flash is triggered.

With modern pro dslrs such as the Canon 5D series and fast prime lenses, you can now shoot at high ISO’s, and 12800 images from the new 5D mk3 are more than acceptable which is great news for low light wedding photography.

My whole approach to documentary wedding photography is to be discreet and to blend in with the guests, if I had a flashgun popping off every 10 seconds people would become aware of me and any natural moments that were there to be caught have passed.

The shot below is from a wedding I’m currently editing but shows to good effect how, although in quite a dark church, the right subject facing the right angle at the right time can result in a very pleasing picture.  I make a point of finding these spots throughout the day and waiting for the right elements to come together which it invariably does sooner or later!

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