Photographs.  We all take them in some shape or form.

We create a photo, more often than not of a special moment.  Your child learning to ride a bike for the first time, a best friend getting married, a holiday in a breathtaking part of our beautiful planet.  It’s looked at, admired for a short while on Facebook or Instagram, and then….


It stays on your phone or hard drive getting buried under thousands of other moments.  It gets lost.

Print your photos!

Technology, like hard drives, has a limited life span.  So not only is it essential to back up your images (and utter madness not to), you cannot beat having your photos printed.  I make a point of getting new prints made of my children every so often to frame around the house for example.

The majority of my lovely wedding couples have an album made which is a great way to show images from the big day, but I also encourage them to print their photos.  I simply encourage you to do the same.