If your lucky enough to have a passion that one day evolves into a job, then it is so so easy for a photographer to stop taking their kit out and shooting in his or her spare time.  You know, like, for fun.

SO.  Last Friday, I had a spare day, the sun was shining and so I grabbed my Canon 5D mk3 with the superb 24mm 1.4L ii,  and took my 3 year old daughter Kitty down to the lovely beach at Camber Sands.   It’s only a short drive from where I live in Tunbridge Wells in Kent so it would have been rude not to!

I’ve been using 5D mk3’s for a good while now and they are superb cameras, can’t fault them.  The Canon 24mm 1.4L ii has been a more recent purchase as I wanted that wider option for my wedding photography (in addition to the awesome Canon 35mm 1.4L), and it’s more than passed my expectations.

The colours and bokeh from it are out of this world and is pin sharp.  There is slight vignetting when shooting wide open, but is certainly usable (and something I quite like in certain images) and can easily be corrected in Lightroom.

So playing around on the beach with this and a willing subject (ice cream was promised!), I was keen to shoot at wide apertures in the bright sunny conditions to see how the lens coped.

This isn’t an in depth review of the lens or some pixel peeping test, it was just to show what lovely images it can produce should you be considering adding one to your camera bag!  It’s certainly a regular feature with my wedding work now and is a piece of kit I whole heartily recommend.

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