January 9, 2013

2012…..highlights from the last 12 months

Well I don’t know what happened to 2012, it passed by in a blink of an eye!

Below is a collection of photographs from weddings I was lucky enough to cover last year, each one unique and very special (which is the great thing about this job!), and I feel very honoured to have been chosen to be a part of these special days.  A big thankyou to the fantastic couples I was lucky enough to meet along the way, each one a delight to work with and hope that our paths will cross again one day in the future!

It is impossible to pick just one image from each wedding to show here, and so I’ve chosen a handful from each and even that was tricky!

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Here’s to 2013, which will undoubtably be just as great, and with my own wedding to look forward to in May it’s going to be one to remember.  Right, must send those invites out……..






Kristian Leven 15:01 January 9, 2013 Reply
Really wonderful moments captured here Steve. Love the little details you capture that tell the story, like the 5th one from bottom for example. Have a great 2013 :)
Craig Prentis 17:02 January 18, 2013 Reply
Lovely pics Steve
Samantha Bishton 17:03 February 10, 2013 Reply
Gorgeous set of pics! Some beautiful moments captured
    Steve Fuller 17:12 February 10, 2013 Reply
    Thanks Samantha glad you like!