The Lofoten Islands | A Road Trip
You know when you see or hear about a place that sounds utterly beautiful and special, and just sticks in your mind, bugging you relentlessly until you give in and book a flight there?   Well the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway was just such a place for me and my father Alan. My father had a special birthday this year and so ...
Håvard and Stine’s Lofoten Islands Elopement
I'm lucky to have travelled a fair bit in my time and have seen some breathtaking places that's for sure.  But the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway is something else, and certainly for wedding photography it's that and more so. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel there recently, and was where on a beach of st ...
The Bluebell Wood
Spring is upon us, and with the birds tweeting and the smell of cut grass in the air, I thought it was a rather good time to share a favourite image of mine from last Spring :) I hooked up with the ace Mark and Emily to photograph their great wedding at the Old Kent Barn, and the day after we met in some beautiful ancient woodla ...
Port Lympne Wedding Photography
"You have captured some amazing moments!" A Safari Wedding, in Kent, in October.  Sounds unlikely I know, but luckily enough we have the glorious Port Lympne Wild Animal Park to make this a reality! It's such a unique wedding venue, with each room boasting beautifully painted murals of animals from floor to ceiling, as ...
The West Mill Derbyshire Wedding
"Thank you so much for the fantastic photos!" Little did I know that a truly special and stunning wedding venue in the shape of The West Mill awaited me on my journey to Derbyshire last year. This journey's purpose was to hook up with Robert and Sophia and to photograph their lovely wedding day in Darley Abbey just outs ...
Moments from 2015
2015 was a great year for me as a Kent wedding photographer. So many lovely memories, and I feel very fortunate to have met all the great couples who put their faith in me to photograph their wedding day, their special day, their once in a lifetime day.  A day full of unique, beautiful moments. The images that follow are quit ...